What is MesChain?

What is MesChain?
Genesis Crypto Technology is a company established to provide MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) software information systems services, aiming to increase efficiency and quality in the supply chain with its expert team.
By expanding our business area and integrating services including services in different sectors, we started to take place in the crypto money market as the Meschain project.
In addition to automation and software services in the real sector, Meschain aims to offer services that provide solutions to the needs in the crypto money market as a whole by connecting them.
In this context, first of all, we will briefly talk about our services and then we will give information about our work plan in detail.


In its current form, Meschain offers 7 main services to its users;
Mobile application: Meschain mobile application makes it easier for you to access services with its many features and rich content.
Our Services: If you are satisfied with our services, you can purchase MES Tokens from our partners below to support our project.


It can receive MES Tokens from different networks.


Learn more about MES Token.
NFT Marketplace: If you are interested in NFT, you can use our NFT Markets established on Ether networks.
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