NFT Marketplaces

Non Fungible Token ( NFT )

NFT Marketplaces

You can log in to our Meschain rt NFT market and upload your rare works easily and create nft. Or you can convert a very good image to NFT by taking a picture instantly.

NFT MARKETPLACES: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which can be said to be a relatively new development addresses lots of 'objects' ranging from works of art, to tickets that offer special admittance and so on.

Meschain has continued to set a new pace by providing services, digitised products of brands in the field of supply chain in the field of blockchain with the NFT market.

Progressive brands can go on to move their brands to the blockchain by utilising their NFT market. This is definitely mind-blowing; a walk into the future!

Advanced Non Fungible Token (NFT) Collections

A NFT Item can be


An image is a unique file like a piece of art, a picture, profile, etc. Formats are .png, .jpg or .gif


Is a recording, animation, short movie, etc. For videos you can choose multiple files, but all files should correspond to same asset with different format, i.e. .mp4 and .ogv. This is because some video formats are more suitable than others on different devices.


A song, podcast, effects, etc. You can choose multiple files, but all files should correspond to same asset, i.e. .mp3 and .ogg.


This is a unique file that correspond to a property, license, loan, debt or any other document you need.

3D Models

GLB Interactive 3D models are supported

A Standard ERC-721

Standard NFT based on OpenZeppelin implementation. ERC-721 or NFT tokens is a standard for non-fungible tokens (NFT) or deeds. NFT are useful to represent digital or physical assets that cannot be divided.

A container of NFT items

Each minted NFT item is stored inside the NFT Collection. Our NFT Marketplace works within the Multi-blockchain.

NFT Marketplace

Our MES token is scaled across many networks and offers lower gas costs to print your NFT digital image. We only charge 1% commission and work with MetaMask to ensure your NFTs are securely stored.

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