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How will the staking platform work?

The rewards for MES stakers differ as projects not yet listed on the exchange and the vesting distribution model and token distribution.

Therefore, the reward distribution plan is as follows;

Holders of MES shares earn MESP tokens.

  1. Those who have MESP in their wallets during the award distribution are entitled to receive rewards according to the MESP ratio.

  2. In our fair and transparent distribution, our goal is for each shareholder to receive rewards based on MESP tokens.

  3. Prize distributions are made at variable intervals. A new MESP earnings plan starts after each prize distribution. The advantage of MESPs gained in the previous distribution ends.

  4. Rewards are distributed proportionally to the re-earned MESP tokens in each distribution slot.

  5. Our goal is to implement a fair and transparent staking plan.

For this reason, we are putting forward a sustainable structure so that all holders who contribute to this system with staking reach the maximum earnings plan.

Private Key Holders only;

Can participate in blue diamond staking scheme with high APY and MES token reward.

Stake APY rate is 200% higher than diamond plan.

Has voting rights in crowdfunding.

Gets extra investment right in private investments.

Freelancer gains advantage in our other services such as e-commerce.

We launched the MesChain NFT KEY Whitelist Sale

We bring investment opportunities to you with stake and crowdfunding. With many earning opportunities, our staking is planned to protect the MES token economy and provide a sustainable earning opportunity to the MES investor.

NOTE: NFT distribution will be on June 6th. You can stake MES tokens by logging into the Blue Diamond Staking and crowdfunding platform with your KEY NFTs.

Unlike its counterparts, we have developed the MES staking scheme, which will enable us to maintain the token economy and get opportunities that MES holders cannot invest individually, for free.

According to this plan, holders staking MES will receive tokens as rewards for their investments in quality projects through the capitals we collaborate with.

Instead of locking thousands of dollars to get the right to buy and finding very low buying opportunities, MesChain aims to offer these opportunities to you for free by simply MES Staking.


We launched the KEY NFT sale to have the right to participate in crowdfunding and make decisions.

Crowdfunding Service

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Token Name : MesChain - MES

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Terms of Service;

Trade of cryptocurrencies such as blockchain tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum bears high risk and it may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of price fluctuation may lead to unbelievable profits as well as losses. You should consider your investment goals, experience level, and risk appetite carefully before you decide to trade cryptocurrencies or blockchain tokens. You may lose some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest using funds that you cannot afford to lose. You need to be aware of all risks associated with trading digital assets and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have special concerns.

Genesis Crypto Technology cannot be held responsible in any way or any country for your investments in MES Token Project.

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