Wallet & Mobile Application

Mobile Application


MesChain mobile application makes it easier for you to access services with its many features and rich content.

The wallet and mobile application which is readily available to download makes easier to access Meschain services and provide realistic payment options.

The wallet will securely store your assets and allow you to make payments within the app. On the other hand, users may simply transact from decentralised services using the application, which includes a news portal, a direct connection to the exchange, and DApps services.

That is, you can save your assets, trade and access all Meschain services on the wallet and mobile application respectively. Cool, right?!

With the Meschain mobile application;

NFT Marketplaces

You can log in to our Meschain rt NFT market and upload your rare works easily and create nft. Or you can convert a very good image to NFT by taking a picture instantly.

Freelancer Platform:

With the mobile application, you can register on the permes.io freelancer platform, where you can reach employers according to your business area, and you can easily follow your work.

Or do you need a freelance? You can work with reliable freelancers with one click


Find cheap shopping opportunities according to your needs by connecting to our e-commerce site allmes.store

Finally, Meschain views the supply chain as a single entity in general. The process begins in the factories and is then transported to the rest of the world via nft, e-commerce, and blockchain.

MultiChain Wallet

Wallet can securely store your assets on all networks that support erc-20 network such as Avax-Heco-BSC-Poligon. You can purchase in-app services.

You can easily follow the analysis, signals, news in the crypto money market and be aware of the developments.


With the in-app dapps service, you can trade and log in to centralized exchanges.

We bring many services to your fingertips for your convenience. Meschain continues to provide mobile application service to you with its constantly updated features.

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