Stake Platform

How will the staking platform work?

How will the staking platform work?

The rewards for MES stakers differ as projects not yet listed on the exchange and the vesting distribution model and token distribution.

Therefore, the reward distribution plan is as follows;

Holders of MES shares earn MESP tokens.

Those who have MESP in their wallets during the award distribution are entitled to receive rewards according to the MESP ratio.

In our fair and transparent distribution, our goal is for each shareholder to receive rewards based on MESP tokens.

Prize distributions are made at variable intervals.

A new MESP earnings plan starts after each prize distribution.

The advantage of MESPs gained in the previous distribution ends.

Rewards are distributed proportionally to the re-earned MESP tokens in each distribution slot.

Our goal is to implement a fair and transparent staking plan.

For this reason, we are putting forward a sustainable structure so that all holders who contribute to this system with staking reach the maximum earnings plan.

Funds other than the distributed portion of investment earnings are reinvested by community vote and distributed to stake holders.

MES Stakeholders consists of 2 benefit plans

1-Diamond Plan

2- Blu Diamond plan

MES Token;


We keep the minimum MES token requirement low for low-budget MES holders to participate in the diamond scheme.

Anyone with 300,000 MES can participate in the diamond staking scheme.

In this staking plan, 25% of the total amount of rewards distributed is proportionally distributed to MESP holders.


It is necessary to have a KEY NFT to participate in the Bludiamond staking plan, where the amount of APY is high and we only award MES tokens for this plan.

KEY NFT Holders with 500.000 MES can participate in the blue diamond staking scheme.

75% of the total rewards distributed are distributed proportionally to the MESP winners by participating in the Blu diamond staking plan.

STAKE PLATFORM: Meschain intends to award stake rewards in the form of high-yielding tokens.This is accomplished by investing in worthwhile projects through the capital businesses with which they originally entered into a deal in lieu of MES tokens.

This is in an effort to keep the token economy safe for MES holders, therefore maintaining the price.

Additionally, holders have the option to earn free tokens for projects that they would not otherwise be able to obtain thereby earning passively.

There are three types of packages in this respect.


Blue Diamond ( Private KEYs Login)

How this works?

The interest payment comes from the wallet of the contract creator. If you want to create a Stake contract, you need to provide funds to pay interest to token holders of the contract, X tokens (optional) and tokens Y to pay interest.


Annual interest rate for both tokens, calculated per second: Calculated every second

Maturity time: Defined in days after the stake is started.

Minimum deposit: Stakes can be created for an amount equal or greater than this lower limit.

Stakes List

Once the stakes are created you will see a list of each stake including

Dates: Start date if open, and Start and end date if ir is ended

Progress of the stake: The stake is mature when it reaches the 100%. After that the penalization phase is over and the user can get the interests when ending the stake

Amounts: Amount of stake, penalization (in red) if any, or interest in teal (if any), and the total amount

Status: The status of the stake: Opened or Ended

Actions: If available you will see an "End Stake" button, if it is red it means that the stake is not yet mature amd you can get a penalization, if it is blue it is matured, and you can get the amount plus interest when ending

Additional notes

A few things to remember

The stakes continue gaining interest after the mature date is reached, until the holder decides to end the stake

Opened stakes on the table are refreshed automatically every 30 seconds

Search Stakes

Any user can search for the stakes of an account

By default the stakes of the current account are shown

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