Crowdfunding Service

What is crowdfunding?

What is crowdfunding?

It is a community-driven organization where participants have the right to decide and profits are distributed fairly.

Our aim in this formation is for MES owners to benefit from potential earnings and investment opportunities.

The core team of professional research team and analysts offers investment options on our platform.

Investment opportunities are evaluated with the decision of the majority of the Group. With this study of the DAO model, we are creating a sustainable model that will keep the MesChain ecosystem financially strong.

In many reward schemes, by giving project tokens, inflation is caused and price stability is deteriorated. By evaluating quality projects and different investment opportunities, MesChain protects the MES token economy and offers extra earnings to MES holders.

We launched the NFT KEY sale to have the right to participate in crowdfunding and make decisions.


Meschain had established a DAO-based platform for MES tokens to receive the option to invest extra, with the goal of developing a solid structure in the MES chain ecosystem through community-oriented crowdfunding effort.

They also partner with and invest in high-potential companies, participate in excellent presale initiatives, and make investment selections based on community voting.

KEY NFT Advantage;

We offer many advantages for KEY NFT owners. The main advantages of people who have KEY NFT are as follows.

To participate in the Stakeholders Blu diamond earning plan, you must have a KEY NFT. In this way, you can take advantage of this opportunity with a load of APY and MES token rewards.

You have the right to vote in crowdfunding.

You have the right to make extra private investments.

You have the right to benefit from discounts and various opportunities on our platforms such as Freelancer and E commerce.

KEY NFT owners have the right to vote and determine the result in many decisions to be taken for MesChain

Summarily, the community makes decisions by crowdfunding. Isn't that amazing?!

Safe Crowdfundings

Smart Contracts gives the possibility to the contributors to approve all request to spend funds. This will empower investors and make them feel more confident with their contributions.

Safe Crowdfundings are simple crowdfunding campaigns that can receive contributions in Ether. The owner can spend the donations only on contributors approval.

A campaign can be defined with the following parameters:

Minimum amount that the smart contract will accept for contributions in Ether.

Percentage of approvers required to release a request to spend funds from the owner.

Approvers will need to vote in favor of the request.

Only if the minimum percentage is reached the owner can release the funds.

Contribute to crowdfunding with Ether

Contributions section includes:

  • Balance of the funds raised so far.

  • Contribute button

  • Contributors needs to have Metamask installed with funds.

  • To send a donation, click on “Contribute” button

  • Fill in the amount you want to donate

  • Click “Send”

  • Click “Confirm” in Metamask

  • A transaction in progress window will show.

It can take several minutes to finish the transaction. Please be patience.

  • When transaction is finished a “Thank you for your contribution” message will appear.

  • Click “Close” and the Crodfunding page will be updated.

  • Minimum amount of contributions.

  • Number of contributors.


The owner of the contract can create requests to release funds, but they need to be approved by a minimum number of contributors to be released.


Finalize a request to release funds

If a request get enough approvals, owner can finalize a request to release the funds.

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